Drawing on our expertise to assess each case and provide multiple courses of action in what is often a fast-paced and complex series of negotiations and transactions in insolvency proceedings

For decades, Riemer & Braunstein has been known for its bankruptcy and insolvency practice, and for its expertise in enforcement of creditors’ rights, and business restructuring and acquisitions.  Our attorneys draw on that experience and expertise to assess each case and provide multiple courses of action in what is often a fast-paced and complex series of negotiations and transactions.  Our Bankruptcy department includes or has included attorneys who have been members of the American Bankruptcy Institute’s Advisory Board; co-chairs of the Boston Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Law Section; panelists and presenters for the American Bankruptcy Institute, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Program and the Boston Bar Association; and authors of several books and treatises on bankruptcy practice, litigation and procedures. These attorneys routinely appear in cases across the country, from New England, New York, Chicago, and Delaware to California, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and the Carolinas.

Our Bankruptcy team has a unique capacity to offer a wide variety of services for all aspects of creditor enforcement, and works collaboratively with its Litigation, Loan Restructuring/Workout and Commercial Finance departments to provide our clients with an integrated approach to addressing any issues that arise during the life cycle of a loan arrangement.  This ensures that each client can readily access our firm’s collective expertise, by seamlessly transitioning any ancillary issues to other departments.

Riemer & Braunstein attorneys have been involved in every aspect of a bankruptcy case.  We’ve successfully represented debtors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations where there was no conflict with our representation of financial service firms or major national and international financial institutions.  Our attorneys have also been appointed by the court and United States Trustee to serve as Chapter 11 trustees, examiners, and expert witnesses.

In addition, we litigate all forms of adversary proceedings and contested matters.  And using our firm-wide expertise in generating meaningful, strategic, and cost-effective solutions, we can successfully negotiate and facilitate out-of-court restructuring of some of the region’s manufacturers and retailers saving the expense, and uncertainties of bankruptcy.

Our Bankruptcy clients include secured creditors, such as banks, private lenders (including DIP lenders, plan proponents and exit financers), restaurants, manufacturers, retail businesses, airlines, ski areas, a solar farm, real estate developers, medical and dental health care, hospitals and rehab providers, energy companies, agricultural enterprises, pharma companies, landlords, tenants and equity holders.

Representative Cases


As Creditors Counsel:  

  • Securing, as Creditors’ Counsel, a payout to all creditors in one of New Hampshire’s largest vacation resort bankruptcy

As Debtor counsel:  

  • Represented one of the region’s largest home health care providers in a successful Chapter 11 reorganization which within two years after confirmation of its Plan was solicited by and consensually sold the businesses to a nationwide home health care provider generating a substantial return to shareholders

As Counsel to Fiduciaries:  

  • As counsel to the Chapter 11 Trustee for a publicly traded company, and after the Debtor-in-Possession had defaulted on a $20 million DIP loan, the firm uncovered evidence that ultimately led to their successful recovery of more than $50 million in undisclosed assets leading to a confirmed Chapter 11 plan paying 25% to general unsecured creditors 

Asset Sale:  

  • As counsel to an asset purchaser, the firm was instrumental in its client becoming the winning bidder to become the largest franchise owner of a national food service brand in California


Debtor/Creditor Representation

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Secured Creditor Representation

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